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What can I do when the radio has no sound?

If the sound on your radio fades or becomes distorted, this may result from

  • a faulty radio receiver
  • problems in the antenna system
  • maintenance or other interruptions in the distribution network
  • interference from an outside source, e.g. an electrical device or radio equipment

Solving reception problems


  • Ask your neighbours if they are experiencing similar problems. If not, the problem is likely to be in your device.


If you have a spare device available, you can check if your device is faulty.


  • Check that the connectors if your device are intact.


  • Check that the antenna cables and leads are intact.

Powerful external antenna improve reception

Good radio reception requires a powerful external antenna. In housing companies, radio receivers should be connected to the joint antenna network, too.

Reception in coverage area

When designing radio coverage areas, it is assumed that consumers use a rooftop antenna for the reception. If you live outside the coverage areas, good radio reception cannot be guaranteed.

In practice, you can also use portable radios or car radios and get good radio reception within almost the entire coverage area. However, they are more sensitive to fading caused by, for example, natural obstructions or structures of a building. A portable radio may work well in one room but the reception can still be poor on the other side of the wall.

You can listen to some radio stations far away from the transmitter outside their actual coverage area. As the number of radios increase, new transmitters may make listening to the existing stations outside their actual coverage area more difficult.

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