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Car tax and changes to vehicle structure

Car tax must be paid after the first registration of your vehicle if its structure is changed in a way that affects the taxation. In such situations, Traficom is responsible for collecting the tax.

Please note

When you bring a vehicle to Finland, the first taxation is handled by The Finnish Tax Administration (External link)  

If your question relates to technical aspects of the vehicle’s structure, get in touch with the vehicle inspection company. 

If changes occur to the vehicle's classification or car tax basis, your vehicle must undergo a modification inspection. The vehicle inspection companies and overseeing authorities report to Traficom if the required modification inspection has not been carried out. 

Examples of changes that affect taxation

Change of vehicle category or group 

  • Modification inspection of a van exempt from car tax being changed to a personal car 
  • Modification inspection of a van with reduced car tax being changed to a van / dual-use car 
  • Modification inspection of a lorry exempt from car tax being changed to a van with reduced car tax 

Changes to vehicle structure  

  • Back seats being installed into a van with reduced car tax 
  • Removal of compulsory equipment from camper vans exempt from car tax 
  • Upgrading of moped or quadricycle 
  • Switching of vehicle parts, if over half of the parts are changed or if the vehicle's monocoque bodywork is changed.   

Amount of car tax  

Your vehicle is taxed in the same way as an equivalent used car. The quantity of car tax depends on the car’s general taxable retail value as well as its CO2 emissions value or the tax percentage based on its total weight and driving power. If over 50% of the parts have been changed or if the vehicle’s monocoque bodywork has been changed, it is taxed as a new vehicle.