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Front Page: Traficom
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Monitori service, Search service for microphone frequencies and Disturbance notification system are temporarily unavailable

The services listed below are temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Monitor service. The renewed service will be released in December 2022.
  • Search service for microphone frequencies
  • Disturbance notification system. We ask telecommunications companies to notify Traficom of operational disruptions using the other channels described in Regulation 66 (External link).

Traficom's statistics can also be found on the website (External link).

If necessary, you can contact us via the contact forms (External link).

Mentioning of the Service for radio licences removed

The header has been updated (previously: "Some Traficom services are temporarily unavailable").

Mentioning of the Disturbance notification system has been added.

Added information about the release schedule of the Monitori service.