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The new broadband aid project to support the construction of high-speed broadband from 2021

The aim of the project is to ensure with state aid that fast broadband networks are built in areas where their commercial availability is unlikely. The project offers state aid to cover the cost of building high-speed broadband networks. EUR 5 million have been allocated for the construction of broadband.

Aid can be granted for the construction of high-speed broadband that can provide advanced connections of consistent quality even during normal peak times. The minimum connection speed to qualify for aid will be laid down by a government decree. In deviation from the previous aid scheme, the new scheme would cover holiday homes in addition to permanent homes as well as business facilities and public administration offices.

The new broadband aid project is a continuation of the previous aid scheme. The construction of high-speed broadband networks has received public funding since 2010. Payment of state aid granted in the previous aid scheme continues until 2022. By the end of 2020, a total of EUR 76 million has been granted and EUR 54 million paid in broadband aid.


Act on Broadband Construction Aid (1262/2020, in Finnish) (External link)

Traficom's press release on the new aid scheme (in Finnish) (External link)