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Apply for a vehicle tax refund

You can receive a refund of vehicle tax if, for example, your vehicle has changed ownership or been decommissioned.

Excess vehicle tax is reimbursed through the tax bill for next one of your vehicles unless you apply for a refund.

A refund can be issued provided that

  • the car is decommissioned or removed from the register
  • the taxpayer changes
  • the information marked on the vehicle register changes such that the vehicle becomes exempt from tax or the amount of tax due is reduced
  • the taxpayer is exempt from vehicle tax .

The refund is paid to the taxpayer. Tax can be refunded if the amount to be refunded is more than €5. Smaller refunds are included in the next tax bill. The refund must be applied for no later than 12 months from the point when the grounds for the refund took place. Otherwise, the refund is sent to the taxpayer as a payment order for Danske bank.

Traficom's e-Services are not available to companies that are bankrupt, in liquidation, or subject to restructuring proceedings.

Apply for a refund using My e-Services

Please note that the service is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Follow the steps below


Log in to My e-Services and choose ‘Ajoneuvoverotus’ (vehicle tax).


Go to ‘Ilmoita tilinumero veronpalautusta varten’ (enter account number for tax refund)


Enter the account number as an IBAN (BIC is generated automatically). Select ‘Ilmoita tilinumero’ (enter account number).


You will receive a confirmation of entering the account number. The refund will appear on your account within 1 to 3 days.

If ‘Ilmoita tilinumero veronpalautusta varten’ is not active, no balance of tax to be refunded remains. In such case, the refund has been used automatically to pay taxes for a vehicle of yours, or the refund has already been collected.

Taxpayer can apply for the tax refund by telephone from the vehicle tax advice service or by sending a refund application. (External link)

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