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Conversion subsidy

When you convert a petrol- or diesel-powered passenger car for use with gas or ethanol, you can receive a financial subsidy from Traficom to cover the cost of the conversion. This conversion subsidy can be obtained between 2018 and 2021.

You must present the converted car for a modification inspection, after which you can apply for the conversion subsidy from Traficom.

The conversion subsidy amounts to 

  • €1,000 if the car is converted for use with gas
  • €200 if the car is converted for use with ethanol.

This conversion subsidy can only be paid once for each car, and any particular individual can only receive it once per calendar year.

In technical matters, you can receive advice from vehicle inspection stations.

What are the conditions for receiving the conversion subsidy?

Conditions for conversion subsidy:

  • the applicant must be the owner or holder of the car
  • the car to be converted is a passenger car
  • the gas or ethanol conversion has been carried out in accordance with the relevant Traficom regulation and the car has undergone modification inspection after 1 January 2018
  • the car is recorded as fully or partially gas-powered, or the vehicle’s suitability for use with high ratio ethanol fuel is marked in the register data
  • there is money still available from the funding allocated in the government budget for paying subsidies.

On the basis of your application, you will receive a decision regarding the payment of the conversion subsidy. The subsidy will be paid into the bank account specified in your application within one month of the date on which the decision was made.