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Purchase subsidy for electric cars

The purchase subsidy for electric cars was introduced at the start of 2018. For the period 2018–2021, people who are either buying a new electric car or signing a long-term lease agreement for an electric car may receive a €2,000 purchase subsidy from the Finnish government.

Buying an electric car

You receive the purchase subsidy directly as a discount on the price of the electric car being bought.

What are the conditions for the purchase subsidy?

The conditions for the purchase subsidy are that:

  • the car is a fully electric passenger car
  • the buyer or leaser is a private individual
  • the leaser commits to leasing the car solely for their own use for a minimum of three years
  • the total cost of the car is no more than €50,000 (including VAT and car tax)
  • the car has not been registered before
  • the car is purchased and the subsidy application submitted by 31 December 2021
  • there is money still available from the funding allocated in the government budget for paying subsidies.
    • a total of €6 million per year has been allocated for purchase subsidies and conversion subsidies

Leasing an electric car

If applying for the subsidy is not possible directly at the car dealer’s, the service provider may apply for a leased car purchase subsidy by separate application. The subsidy is paid to the service provider’s bank account.

The service provider may apply for the purchase subsidy between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2021. The service provider must apply for the reimbursement from Traficom no more than six (6) months from the time when the car was delivered to the leaser.

The leaser must authorise the service provider to apply for the purchase subsidy on their behalf. The service provider must keep the letter of authorisation for inspections for a period of two years. The decision on whether to grant the purchase subsidy is made based on the application, and the leaser is informed of the decision.

The leasing service provider must report to Traficom if the lease agreement ends before the three-year period is complete. 

Letter of authorisation template for electric car purchase subsidy application