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Statement of outstanding taxes

You can use the Statement of outstanding taxes service to find out if you have unpaid vehicle taxes, vehicle tax additional taxes or reassessments, vehicle taxes following first registration, or fuel fees. If you wish, you can print out or save it the information you receive. Identification is required to use the service.

Use an e-notification if

  • you want to find out the amount of your outstanding taxes

Conditions for using the service

  • the service displays only the amount of taxes that are due.

Please note

  • you can find out only your own outstanding taxes in this Service.
  • Traficom's e-Services are not available to companies that are bankrupt, in liquidation, or subject to restructuring proceedings.

Do the following:

  • Log into the electronic service and submit the time period for which you would like to find out the amount of your outstanding taxes.

Alternative ways of using the service

  • If you cannot use the electronic service you can enquire about the amount of your outstanding taxes by sending an email to . We recommend using secure email when sharing private information to ensure that third parties cannot access the information. Instructions on how to send secure email are available here (External link).