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Terms and Conditions of Service of the Traficom My e-Services Portal

Purpose of the Service

The My e-Services portal (the "Portal") is intended for individual use by private persons and organisations. Strong authentication is required for access.

The My e-Services portal comprises an online user interface, through which Users access the services provided, as well as general information on the Portal. The Portal is intended for individuals and organisations who wish to view the vehicle data they have registered in Traficom's records, as well as data concerning their own competence in driving or operating vehicles professionally or recreationally.

The data displayed to users through the Portal is administered through registers and background systems maintained by Traficom. The Portal does not store register data on Users. Data from background registers is used as the basic data needed for customers to notify Traficom's registers electronically of additions or alterations to their data, and for Users to make various online applications.

Users may choose to receive decisions related to their applications electronically, and to provide additional information related to their applications online. Users must authorise the electronic receipt of decisions separately for each application they make.

Applications sent via the My e-Services portal become effective in Traficom's case management system, where any electronic attachments added to the applications are also stored. The Portal may limit the file format and size allowed for attachments. Original documents sent through the Portal are stored in accordance with regulations concerning the archiving of official documents.

The My e-Services portal is gradually being developed. New e-services and related register data viewing options will be added in stages. These Terms and Conditions already take into account requirements related to future developments.


The Portal service is provided by The Transport and Communications Agency ("Traficom" or the "Service Provider").

Traficom's contact details

The user of the Portal may be any natural person who is in possession of a Finnish personal identification number and a strong authentication method (e.g. online banking codes or mobile authentication), or an organisation which is in possession of a strong authentication method. To register as a user of the Portal ("User"), the User must agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions of Service.

Some of the services offered through the Portal are subject to a charge. If this is the case, it will be indicated in conjunction with the service in question and in Traficom's Decree on Charges and Price List. Private customers make payments using personal electronic payment methods (e.g. online banking). Organisations make payments with a payment method (e.g. credit card) that their representative has been authorised to use.

Each User is responsible for the accuracy and presentation format of the data and attachments they provide through the Portal.

Purpose of the Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions specify the duties, rights and obligations of the Parties to the Portal. The content of the Portal is determined by these Terms and Conditions and by the data file descriptions applicable to the Portal and to the registers maintained by Traficom. Each electronic service offered through the Portal may have its own terms and conditions which take precedence over these Terms and Conditions of Service, where differences exist. These Terms and Conditions of Service are governed by the Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector (13/2003), including all of its amendments.

Handling of Personal Data and Privacy

Personal data is handled in conjunction with the provision of the Portal service. Personal data is handled in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Act. Users may provide and maintain electronic contact details through the Portal if they so wish. These details are saved in a register maintained by Traficom. Electronic contact details may be utilised in official communications from the authorities, and in service processes initiated by the User. For example, Users may choose to receive push notifications concerning the arrival of a decision in the Portal, or confirmation messages of registrations they have made. Traficom will never disclose to third parties any electronic contact details supplied to it for the purpose of Users conducting business with Traficom.


Traficom may provide information messages to Users via the Portal. An electronic message is considered to have been delivered to the User three days after it is posted in the User's My e-Services portal. Messages provided solely for the User's information do not have to be separately confirmed as received by the User.

Verified Information Messagesation Messages

Traficom may supply verified information messages to Users via the Portal if the User has approved the electronic submission of decisions when conducting e-services via the Portal. These messages are verified as having been received when they are opened by the User. An electronic confirmation of receipt is sent to Traficom's case management system when the message is opened, and the status of the message is changed to "received". If the User does not open a verified electronic information message within seven days of it being posted in the User's My e-Service portal, Traficom must send a separate paper copy of the verified message to the User by physical post.

Other Communications

During the processing of applications, Users may be requested to supply further information related to their applications. Traficom will confirm the receipt of messages sent by Users in response to such requests. The User is in charge of checking that such confirmations of receipt are received. If no confirmation is provided, the message will not be considered to have been received.

Content of Messages

The User must refrain from attaching electronic materials to the Portal which may detrimentally affect the operation of the Portal, may be inappropriate to the purposes of use of the Portal, or may contain viruses. When they are sent, attached files are scanned for viruses by Traficom. Traficom reserves the right to stop providing the Portal service to the User if the User is found to have added materials to the Portal which are in contravention of these Terms and Conditions.

User's Obligations

The User is responsible for the technical functionality of the hardware, software and data communication lines used by the User to access the Portal.

The User must refrain from sending any materials to Traficom via the Portal which violate copyrights, good practices, laws or official decrees.

Should the User's authentication or payment methods come into the possession of a third party or be lost, the User must immediately report the loss to the organisation that supplied these methods. If no such report is made, the User is liable for any damages that may arise from the misuse of the User's My e-Services portal access.

Service Provider's Obligations

Traficom must ensure that the data protection and encryption methods used when transferring and handling data in conjunction with the Portal are appropriate and that they guarantee the level of security required by law for confidential messages.

Traficom will ensure that the Portal is available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week excluding unforeseen technical malfunctions or other interruptions in services. Traficom reserves the right, however, to interrupt the provision of the service during service upgrades and repairs and during general interruptions in data communications. Traficom will inform Users in advance of planned interruptions on the home page of its public service selection website (e-Services site) and the User's My e-Services portal. Traficom is not responsible for any temporary interruptions of service caused by providers of authentication services or related devices. Traficom must inform Users in advance of any third-party interruptions of which it becomes aware.

Other Terms and Conditions

Traficom reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Service by notifying Users via the My e-Services portal. The amendments become effective as soon as the notification is received by the User through the Portal.

Besides these Terms and Conditions of Service, the My e-Services portal is governed by the Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector (13/2003), the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications (516/2004) and the Personal Data Act (523/1999), including all later amendments.