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Transfer of liability to pay taxes from holder to owner

If both an owner and a holder has been entered in the Transport Register for a vehicle, it is the holder who is liable to pay the tax. As the owner of the vehicle, you can submit an application to have the tax liability transferred to you.

Use the e-form if

  • You wish to transfer the tax liability for a vehicle you own from its holder to yourself
  • You wish to terminate an agreement on transferring tax liability

Conditions for using the service

  • The applicant must be the owner of the vehicle
  • The transfer can only take place from the vehicle’s first holder to the first owner

Please note

  • This form cannot be used for changing vehicle registration data, e.g. a change of ownership.
  • The transfer will enter into force for each vehicle as a new tax period begins, as long as the transfer notification or its modification has been approved
  • The party taking over the liability to pay taxes will be liable to pay the tax on the same grounds that applied to the first taxpayer
  • If the tax liability has been transferred in order to avoid tax payment, the tax may be debited as if the transfer had not taken place
  • Traficom's e-Services are not available to companies that are bankrupt proceedings.


Do the following:

Log into the electronic service.