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Fixed broadband availability

These statistics include data on the share of households that has access to fixed broadband subscriptions. Traficom collects the data from telecommunications operators once a year.

In principle, data on fixed broadband availability is collected by each building, which means that overlapping networks may be taken into account. The availability of broadband for households represent quite well the availability of broadband for companies, although in reality, the latter may be higher in some aspects.

Broadband availability includes households:

that have broadband connection, or such connection can be are activated without construction


where the network reaches the vicinity of the customer’s residence (e.g. boundary of a multi-dwelling unit) or the customer could activate the subscription within similar time and at a similar price.

Each available subscription is categorised by speed based on the maximum data transfer speed advertised to end users (upper limit of the speed range).


Fixed network availability by municipality and province

Description of the statistics

Definitions of communications service statistics

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