Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom
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We all share the drive to move and communicate. Your connections are close to our hearts.

Traficom’s mission is to build the connections that keep people, data and goods moving smoothly, securely and sustainably. We build operational reliability by improving security when it comes to transport and digital society. We strive to provide quality and affordable services in the transportation and connections sector. We ensure that people-centric and sustainable services will continue to be built in the future.

Our core values

1: Trust

2: Cooperation

3: Capacity for renewal

We build the connections that

  • keep people, data and goods moving efficiently
  • allow you to move smoothly, easily and in a sustainable manner
  • help you to use online services smoothly and securely enable easy remote work, study and hobbies, as well as finding information and services

We build operational reliability that

  • allows you to move around safely online and with transportation services
  • makes Finland's communication and transportation systems sustainable and able to handle your able to handle your travel, transport, services and communications with others.
  • ensures that Finland works. We share information about security:

We build a future

  • with smart mobility and communications connections and services, now and moving forward
  • that gives you efficient and lower-emission transportation services