Autoilija app - Application security and data protection

Information security

Use requires identification and PIN code

Using the Autoilija application requires strong electronic identification through the service. After the initial identification, you must create a PIN code, which you can then use to open the application.

Protected application and encrypted data

The Autoilija app and its data content are protected using a variety of mechanisms. All data communication between the application and the server is encrypted. The data stored on your phone is protected by appropriate security measures. When using the app, you must make sure that your phone software is up to date and that you do not have any unknown applications installed on your phone. Also, your system-level data security (Jailbreak and Root operations) must not be compromised. The app has undergone data security audits and it utilises several individual security components.

The data security is actively monitored, and there are regular checks and updates.

The information on the mobile driving licence comes directly from the official register

In the Autoilija app, you can create QR codes for checking mobile driving licence information directly from the official register. To read QR codes created in Autoilija, you need a phone that has the Autoilija app installed on it. You can read QR codes even if you are not logged in to Autoilija.

QR codes also allow you to limit the information you want to show. For example, when proving your age, the app only shows your age, not information on driving rights or personal identity code.

The mobile driving licence comes with multiple visual elements. An authentic mobile driving licence features, for example, an animated background design that changes colours when touched and holographic patterns that react to tilting the phone

Data protection

Data protection has been a vital part of the application development since the beginning and the app complies with legislation on personal data protection, including the GDPR. A data protection impact assessment referred to in the GDPR has been carried out for the data protection of the application, and the application features are based on data minimisation. This means that, when proving your age, for example, you do not have to show your other personal data or driving rights. 

It is impossible to share information on the mobile driving licence or vehicles without the user’s consent.