Autoilija app in beta testing phase

The Autoilija application is undergoing beta testing. The app is being tested by a limited user group, and for now we are not accepting new test users. The app will be developed based on the experience and feedback gained during the test phase.

Autoilija-sovelluksen kehittäminen

Traficomin Autoilija-sovelluksen ja siihen kuuluvan mobiiliajokortin testaus alkoi joulukuussa 2017 iOS-käyttöjärjestelmän puhelimilla. Testausta laajennettiin vähitellen ja olemme saaneet runsaasti hyvää palautetta ja hyviä kehitysehdotuksia.

Kokemusten perusteella rakennamme parhaillaan mobiiliajokorttia vastaamaan entistä paremmin tulevaisuuden tarpeita. Keskitymme uudistuvan Autoilija-sovelluksen rakentamiseen, minkä vuoksi nykyisessä sovellusversiossa voi esiintyä yhteensopivuusongelmia uusilla käyttöjärjestelmillä (esim. Android 10). Kerromme loppuvuoden aikana tarkemmin, milloin uusi Autoilija-sovellus on tulossa kaikkien saataville. 

Who can download Autoilija app?

To be able to download the Autoilija app on your mobile device, you need to have Android 7.0 or later and the person using the app needs to be at least 15 years old. Using the app requires strong electronic identification by means of a mobile certificate or online banking codes. 

To be able to access your mobile driving licence: 

  • You need to have a valid Finnish driving licence.
  • Your electronic photograph must be available in the official register for passports or driving licences. Your photograph should be available if you have provided a photograph for a driving licence during or after 2013, or you have a valid passport or identity card. 

If you cannot access the mobile driving licence, you can use the app for viewing information on your vehicles. 

Tester, do this

1: Verify your identity

To access your mobile driving licence and list of your own vehicles, you need to verify your identity using strong digital identification (either mobile ID or banking credentials).

2: Create a PIN code

The PIN code will protect your data. You can also use the PIN code to quickly access the application data. If you wish, you can use your phone’s biometric identification system to open the application (either your fingerprint or, for iOS, facial recognition as well).

3: Use it

The mobile driving licence is intended for the same purposes as the physical driving licence. You can use it to verify your right to drive, your age or your personal data easily in different situations.

The details of your vehicles are always available so that you can quickly check the inspection dates and vehicle tax information, anywhere and anytime.

Custemer service

Contact us preferably by using the Give Feedback feature in the Autoilija app.

Telephone service +358 29 534 5113 (Mon-Fri 8-16.15)

Contact us online  (External link)
Please provide at least the following information when using the form: model and Android version of your phone, description of the problem.