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Billing agreement of vehicle tax for corporate customers

If your company has at least 10 vehicles subject to road tax, you can enter into an agreement with Traficom to receive one monthly e-invoice to cover all the vehicles.

The e-invoice will be sent out on the 10th day of every month and will contain details of all the vehicle taxes for the previous month.

The invoice will give the following details of the vehicles belonging to the company during the relevant billing period:

  • the taxable period
  • the number of taxable days
  • the amount of tax for each vehicle per day
  • the amount of tax for each vehicle for the entire billing period

Following the details for each vehicle a total sum for all the tax due will be given together with any amount of tax to be credited for the previous period plus the sum payable on the due date.

Benefits of the billing agreement to the company

  • savings in time and money when making payments
    • billing based on the daily rate - no 10 euro minimum payment
  • payment of tax spread evenly over the whole year
  • no more tax demands for single vehicles
  • just one invoice a month
  • the convenience of an e-invoice

Conditions for using the service

  • number of company vehicles at least 10
  • functional company e-billing address
  • company solvency

How to enter into the agreement

Applications regarding billing agreements can be submitted by persons who have been authorised to represent the company in question or granted the "Maintenance of transport operator data and permits" mandate. For more information, see our page on electronic transport services and e-Authorizations (External link) Traficom's e-Services are not available to companies that are bankrupt proceedings.

There must be a separate billing agreement for each of a company’s places of business unless all the company’s vehicles have been registered directly in the name of the head office.

  • Complete the application for an electronic billing agreement for vehicle tax