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Buying a used vehicle

With the help of these instructions, buying a car, motorcycle, moped or any other vehicle will be easy and safe. Please note that some of Traficom’s e-services and PDF forms are only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Please note that if the previous holders or owners of the vehicle have any overdue vehicle taxes, this will prohibit you from using the vehicle. The due date of the previous holder's or owner's current vehicle tax period may not yet have passed, which means that the tax will fall due only after you have bought the vehicle. To check whether your vehicle has any due or overdue vehicle taxes, use Traficom’s e-Services (External link)  More information about how you can pay your vehicle tax (External link)

How to act

1: Check the register and tax information as well as the owner’s identity before making the transaction

You should only buy a vehicle from the owner entered in the register. This avoids problems related to ownership, motor vehicle liability insurance and vehicle tax. As the buyer you can insist that the seller register the vehicle in their own name before the deal.

2: Check from the registry information that the vehicle has been commissioned

You must not drive a vehicle that has been decommissioned (External link) before is has been commissioned (External link) for use on the road. Even if it is fitted with registration plates, the vehicle may still have been decommissioned. The consequence of using a vehicle that has been decommissioned is a tax surcharge of at least 1,000 Euros.

5: Take out car insurance and register the vehicle in your name

If the vehicle has been commissioned, motor vehicle liability insurance is a prerequisite for registering a change of owner . Take out car insurance within 7 calendar days after the transaction.

Insurance companies’ services (External link) enable you to insure a car and register a change of owner at the same time.