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Fuel fee

The fuel fee is a penalty-based payment which is levied for the purpose of inhibiting the use in Finland of fuels such as fuel oil which are taxed at a lower rate than petrol and diesel.

A fuel fee is charged, for example, if you use fuel oil in your car instead of diesel. Such fuel use is generally confirmed through a fuel sample taken by customs officials or the police. 

A vehicle that is exempt from the fuel fee is by definition a vehicle that may use a fuel that carries a lower tax, subject to certain conditions (External link). Such vehicles include motorised work machines and work machines built on a lorry chassis (External link).

You may use a tractor without paying the fuel fee if, for example, it is equipped as a motorised work machine or used for agricultural and forestry work (External link). When using a tractor powered by fuel oil for other purposes, a €5 daily fee (External link) must be paid.


Mistaken refuelling (External link) refers to a situation where you have accidentally refuelled your vehicle with fuel oil instead of diesel. 

You should contact Traficom, Finnish Customs or the Police immediately after the mistaken refuelling in order to make agreement about taking the vehicle for servicing. Do not drive the vehicle until you have received permission to do so. 

The daily fee system for tractors

If you use fuel oil in your tractor and you are not using it for purposes exempt from the fuel fee (for agricultural or forestry work or use when equipped as a motorised word machine) (External link), a €5 tractor daily fee (External link) must be paid before driving the vehicle.