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Importing a vehicle

If you want to register an imported vehicle in Finland you must pay the car tax and take the vehicle to registration inspection. If you want to use the vehicle before registration, you must first submit a declaration of use to the Finnish Tax Administration. Certificate of conformity facilitates the process in Finland.

Do as follows:

1: Submit a declaration of use to the Finnish Tax Administration

If you want to use a vehicle subject to car tax (External link) in Finland before first registration, you must first submit an electronic declaration of use to the Finnish Tax Administration. The vehicle must be registered in another EEA country or you must obtain a transfer permit for the vehicle. You must also declare the tax-exempt use of a vehicle to the Tax Administration (External link).


2: Submit a car tax return to the Finnish Tax Administration

If your vehicle is subject to car tax, send the car tax return (External link) to the Finnish Tax Administration. You must submit the car tax return within five days of submitting the declaration of use to the Finnish Tax Administration. Contact the Finnish Tax Administration and Finnish Customs for value added tax and other charges. 

3: Take the vehicle to a vehicle inspection station for registration inspection

The vehicle must undergo a registration inspection at an inspection station before it can be registered for the first time. We recommend that you make a copy of your foreign registration certificate for possible later use. If the vehicle passes the registration inspection, you receive a registration inspection certificate, which is required for the first registration. The inspection station will give you more information on the registration inspection and the validity of the registration inspection certificate.

4: Register your vehicle for the first time at an inspection station that offers registration services

Take your vehicle for first registration to an inspection station that offers registration services . You will get registration plates for your vehicle in the first registration. The following is required for the first registration:

  • a valid registration inspection certificate
  • for a vehicle subject to car tax, the permit granted by the Finnish Tax Administration (the document is transferred electronically to the Transport Register). The payer of the car tax is entered as the vehicle owner.
  • motor vehicle liability insurance.

Certificate of conformity facilitates the process in Finland

Vehicle manufactures or their representatives issue certificates of conformity (COC) or other similar documents proving that the vehicle meets the relevant standards and requirements. When importing a vehicle, the certificate makes it easier to take care of car tax, inspection and registration matters. The certificate indicates, for example, the vehicle’s identification data and CO2 values.