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Mistaken refuelling with fuel oil

Mistaken refuelling means a situation where the vehicle has been accidentally refuelled with fuel oil instead of diesel.

What should I do if I have accidentally refuelled my vehicle with fuel oil instead of diesel?

  • You may not drive the vehicle after the mistaken refuelling has taken place
  • You must immediately contact either Traficom (tel. +358 29 534 5125), Finnish Customs or the Police in order to make agreement about taking the vehicle for servicing
  • After reporting the mistaken refuelling and obtaining permission to drive the vehicle, you may drive your vehicle along the most direct route to the agreed location for carrying out the servicing


After a mistaken refuelling, the vehicle’s fuel system must be drained and cleaned and the filters changed. Even a small amount of fuel oil can, based on a laboratory test, indicate that this fuel has been in the fuel system.  This then incurs a fuel fee, which can be thousands of euros.

In the case of tractors, an alternative to changing the fuel is the payment of the daily fee. The daily fee is to be paid for the number of days that the tractor is being used for purposes subject to a fuel fee and for the period when fuel oil is detectable in the fuel system.