Mobile driving license - free additional service alongside traditional driving license

With a mobile driving license, you can reliably and safely point out your driving rights, age and personal data. A mobile driving license does not replace a traditional driving license.

With a mobile driving licence, you have your licence information with you on your smart phone at all times. Your information is automatically updated and your photo is obtained from the passport or driving licence register.

Mobile driving licence is an additional service

The mobile driving licence is a reliable and secure way to verify your right to drive, your age and your personal data. The mobile driving licence does not replace the traditional driving licence.

After amending the Driving Licence Act on 1 February 2019, the mobile driving licence is accepted on the road in the same way as the physical driving licence. At present, the mobile driving licence is only accepted in mainland Finland.

Mobile driving licence is secure

The information on the mobile driving licence comes directly from the official register.

In the Autoilija app, you can create QR codes for checking mobile driving licence information directly from the official register. To read QR codes created in Autoilija, you need a phone that has the Autoilija app installed on it. You can read QR codes even if you are not logged in to Autoilija.

QR codes also allow you to limit the information you want to show. For example, when proving your age, the app only shows your age, not information on driving rights or personal identity code.

The mobile driving licence comes with multiple visual elements. An authentic mobile driving licence features, for example, an animated background design that changes colours when touched and holographic patterns that react to tilting the phone