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Sending the vehicle tax bill

The vehicle tax bill is sent to taxpayer to the permanent address recorded in the Transport Register, unless a different address or delivery method has been reported to Traficom. 

The most convenient way to take care of paying your vehicle tax, and of making sure the payment details are correct, is to order the tax bill as an e-invoice (External link) to your internet bank

Private individuals

Address changes for private individuals are updated automatically via the Population Information System.   

Moving abroad

Permanent address information for those living abroad is also automatically updated to the Transport Register from the Population Information System.

If, after moving abroad, you continue to be liable to pay tax for a vehicle registered in Finland, it is advisable to order the vehicle tax bill as an e-invoice to your online bank. By using e-invoices, you will definitely receive the vehicle tax bill in time and to the correct address, and thus the vehicle will not face a prohibition of use due to unpaid vehicle tax. 

The vehicle tax bill will be mailed abroad if you have notified the Local Register Office of your permanent address abroad and you have no other valid postal or temporary address in the Population Information System.

If you take a vehicle registered in Finland abroad with you, the vehicle must be registered in the destination country and decommissioned in Finland. (External link)


Address changes for estates are not automatically updated to the Traficom system. A party to the estate can report the change of address to the Traficom registration advisory service.



Company vehicle tax bills will be sent to the address shown in the Transport Register. 

Company tax bills can also be sent as an e-invoice or to a separate invoicing address.  (External link)

If your company has at least 10 vehicles subject to tax, you can enter into an agreement with Traficom to receive one monthly e-invoice covering all the vehicles (External link)