Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Usually, the registration and insuring of a new vehicle is completed at the car dealership. If you buy a vehicle from a reseller who will not register the vehicle, you may perform the first-time registration in the Traficom's e-Services , in your insurance company’s online service or at an inspection station that offers registration services

The following requirements apply to the first-time registration of a vehicle:

  • The vehicle has passed its registration inspection, or a prior notification certificate or single approval certificate valid for registration has been granted for the vehicle
  • The vehicle complies with all valid Finnish requirements
  • A certificate of destruction as specified in section 18 I of the Waste Act has not been issued for the vehicle
  • Documentation for the payment of all taxes and other fees regarding the vehicle is submitted
  • A report on the vehicle’s ownership and holder is submitted
  • The vehicle is covered by a motor liability insurance policy

Taxes or other payments pertaining to the import, manufacture or delivery of a vehicle imported by registered filer of car tax (External link) do not need to be reported.