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Use winter tyres when weather and road conditions call for it.

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Most used services

Vehicle commissioning

This service is used for commissioning a vehicle. Commissioning will enter into force immediately after the notification.

Order a new driving licence

Order a new driving licence to replace a lost, damaged or stolen licence.

Vehicle decommissioning

This service is used for decommissioning a vehicle from traffic use temporarily. Decommissioning will enter into force immediately after the notification.

Change of vehicle ownership and digital certificates

Using the service, the seller can create a digital certificate for the sale and make a notification of transfer after the sale. The buyer can use the service to make a notification of ownership change.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare strongly recommends that all transport and shipping companies that transport passengers should start requiring everyone over the age of 12 travelling to...
Amendments to the Communicable Diseases Act will see transport service pro-viders obligated to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The amendments entered into force on 22 February, with the...


The near future looks bleak for information security, says a new NCSC-FI forecast. While the Vastaamo data breach turned the spotlight on questions of security and responsibility in the context of ...


Finnish industrial companies now have the opportunity to participate in the design and construction of a prototype GNSS receiver that utilises Galileo PRS signals. (External link)

Digitaalinen maailma
The National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI) develops and monitors the operational reliability and security of communications networks and services.

5G Momentum

The 5G Momentum ecosystem was created to enable Finland to reach its goal of becoming number one in 5G technology.

Leading Edge 5G Forum

Businessman holding smartphone on his hand
The future digital society will be built on 5G networks. We in Finland strive to safeguard the future 5G-based businesses and services by focusing strongly on 5G cyber security already now.