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Broadcasts in terrestrial TV network

Roughly half of Finnish households watch television via the terrestrial network, which means using rooftop antennas. The terrestrial TV network reaches over 99.9% of the people in Finland. Terrestrial TV is the most common way of watching TV in holiday homes, too.

In mainland Finland, terrestrial TV channels are transmitted using multiplexes (MUX). Digita Oy has a network licence for these multiplexes or distribution networks in the UHF band. 

TV channels available in the terrestrial TV network by multiplex can be found on Digita’s website (External link) (in Finnish).

Programming vary by region

Programming licences do not bind TV channels to a certain multiplex or include any obligations on the extent of their distribution. Commercial TV broadcasters can freely decide on the coverage areas of their channels with the network operator responsible for the distribution. As a result, commercial programming coverage may vary depending on the region.

Only Yle, which is the public service broadcaster, must make its programming available for all citizens. MTV3, which is a so-called public interest channel, must also be made available for all citizens.

Because commercial TV broadcasters decide the coverage areas of their programmes themselves, any feedback should be given directly to the broadcaster. Broadcasters can also advise consumers on alternative ways for receiving programming (e.g. online services).

Devices for receiving terrestrial TV broadcasts

To watch terrestrial TV broadcasts, you need a television set or a set-top box with a DVB-T or DVB-T2 tuner. The DVB-T2 tuner enables the reception of high-definition (HD) broadcasts (read more at (External link)).

DVB-T2 broadcasts will replace DVB-T broadcasts entirely in the near future. 

Must carry obligation

Housing companies with a master antenna system are subject to a must carry obligation. This means that a housing company, a joint-stock property company, or any similar administrator of a master antenna system must ensure that Yle's public service TV channels are available to users identically to and simultaneously with the original broadcast.

Television in Åland

TV programming in Åland (External link) and mainland Finland are not the same.