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Front Page: Traficom

Coupling inspection

A coupling inspection checks that a vehicle and a towed vehicle or vehicles (trailer or towed device) are suitable for coupling together.  However in a coupling inspection for a towed device, the towing vehicle does not have to be present. In addition, a coupling inspection:

  • checks the correct dimensions and appropriateness of the coupling device
  • checks whether the combination meets the requirements of the regulations concerning dimensions, turning circle and other properties of the combination 
  • specifies the greatest permitted total mass of the combination and how this is to be distributed between the vehicles.

A vehicle and trailer connected to it or to its trailer must undergo a coupling inspection before the combination is used, if: 

  • it is a case of a vehicle combination approved for special transport 
  • the vehicle’s mechanical coupling devices, the connection of electrical cables operating the brakes, or the dimensions or locations of the compressed air brake pipe connections are different from those generally used in vehicles (regulation TRAFI/437519/ (External link)).