Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Information on proficiency checks and assessments of competence for Russian nationals

EU sanctions on Russia restrict the possibilities of Russian nationals to complete flight training and proficiency checks required by licence conditions when they are not employed by a non-sanctioned flight operator. However, proficiency checks to revalidate and renew ratings are allowed in Finland also in other circumstances under certain conditions.

Russian nationals are allowed to complete proficiency checks in Finland for the revalidation and renewal of class, type and instrument ratings under the following conditions:

  • The person in question holds a Finnish Part-FCL commercial pilot licence (CPL) or airline transport pilot licence (ATPL).
  • The person is resident in Finland.
  • The person has applied for a job with a flight operator that is not subject to the sanctions imposed against Russia. The flight operator may be an EU or non-EU operator. The pendency of the job application process must be proved by presenting to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom written documentation, such as an email from the flight operator.
  • The class, type or instrument rating in question is required to proceed in the application process or to be accepted for the position.
  • If the revalidation or renewal of the rating requires refresher training or retaking a theoretical knowledge examination that is no longer valid, these trainings and examinations are allowed.

The fulfilment of the conditions is assessed case by case. Before conducting training or checks, the instructor and/or examiner must confirm the fulfilment of the conditions with Traficom by email at

Other considerations

Training, theoretical knowledge examinations, skill tests and proficiency checks are allowed for students whose training is sponsored by a non-sanctioned flight operator or who are attending a multi-crew pilot licence (MPL) course organised by a non-sanctioned flight operator.

Training, examinations, tests and proficiency checks are not allowed for private pilots because they are considered to control their own flight operations.

Parachuting flights, forest fire patrol flights and aero-tow flights are allowed because these operations are considered controlled by the flying club.

Acting as a flight instructor is allowed in pilot schools (ATO) and flying clubs (DTO) because in these cases flights are also considered controlled by the school/club in question.

In Finland, the national competent authority referred to in EU Sanctions Regulations is the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The sanctions are implemented in their respective administrative branches by the relevant ministries, the National Enforcement Authority Finland, Finnish Customs, the National Bureau of Investigation, the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Border Guard and the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland