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NCSC-FI issues updated cookie guidance

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The National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI) has updated its guidance on storing cookies and other data on the use of services on users’ terminal devices and using data stored on such devices. This will help the users and providers of online services to understand and apply cookie practices and legislation.

The Helsinki Administrative Court issued in spring 2021 new interpretations regarding cookies that websites store on terminal devices and giving consent to the use of non-essential cookies. Following the Court's decisions, we announced we would update our guidance and instructions in accordance with the new interpretative practice. We have now issued guidance on cookie practices for service providers and end users.

Our guidance for end users (currently available in Finnish) helps the users of online services to understand the nature and purposes of cookies and other similar technologies that services store on their devices. The guidance also includes tips for how users can choose the data that is stored on their devices.

Our guide for service providers (currently available in Finnish) is targeted at all those who use cookies and similar technologies when creating and providing websites or other electronic communications services, such as mobile applications. The guide does not obligate service providers to use specific technologies; instead, the focus is on helping them comply with the legal requirements for storing and using cookies and other data on the use of services, cookie consent practices and informing users about cookies.

Both guides will be updated as necessary to reflect the development of relevant technologies and case-law.

Because of the decisions issued by the Administrative Court, the Data Protection Ombudsman has transferred to Traficom close to a hundred complaints concerning cookies and their use. We have begun processing these complaints and will contact all complainants during the process.

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