Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Guidance on the use of web cookies for the service providers

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom) is responsible for monitoring the confidentiality of electronic communications. The confidentiality of electronic communications also covers the storing of cookies and other data on the use of online services on user devices, as well as the use of this data. The purpose of of this guidance is to promote the implementation of confidentiality and best practices concerning the storage and use of cookies and other data describing the use of services or users’ actions in online services.

The guidance is intended for everyone who use cookies or similar technologies when implementing and providing websites or other services based on electronic communications, such as mobile applications.

The purpose of these instructions is not to obligate the use of specific technologies, but to instruct service providers to operate as required by law with regard to the storage and use of cookies and other data on user actions in online services, requesting cookie consent and informing users about the use of cookies. Neither are these instructions or the examples herein intended to be exhaustive, and they will be updated accordingly as related technologies and legal practices evolve. This guidebook is not legally binding as such. However, it defines the view of the supervisory authority on lawful and acceptable cookie policies. By deviating from them, service providers assume the risk of potentially unlawful action.