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Application-based exemption from the fuel fee

Traficom has the right to grant exemption from the fuel fee in special cases. This may include, for example, cases where the vehicle is large or is only rarely used.

You can apply to Traficom for an exemption from the fuel fee on the basis of a particular reason such as the large size or infrequent use of a vehicle. Exemptions are subject to conditions set by Traficom. An exemption may be granted if the vehicle in question is used in situations other than ordinary road traffic and if this use does not entail competing to a significant extent with diesel-powered vehicles intended for use in road traffic. The vehicle in question must also be unregistered and held by the applicant.

In special cases, the exemption may be granted for lorries. Exemptions are granted subject to the condition that the vehicle in question was constructed to carry out a particular task. An exemption cannot be granted if the task in question could be completed using ordinary lorries (competitive advantage). Use of the vehicle in a closed work area does not constitute a sufficient reason for granting the exemption.

  • The exemption is usually worksite-specific.
  • It is usually granted for a set time period.
  • If the worksites change often, mention in the application both this and the vehicle’s purpose of use.

It is no longer necessary to apply for exemption for dumpers that are classed as mobile machinery.

Please note that as of 1 January 2015, dumpers are considered to be mobile machinery, so they are also subject to the usage restrictions listed above and do not require a separate application for exemption from the fuel fee.

  • Worksite transport of earth material using a dumper or rock truck powered by fuel oil is allowed without making a separate exemption application.
  • It is also permitted to transfer an unloaded dumper from one worksite to another, provided that the dumper is appropriately registered.

Traficom also handles matters relating to fuel fee exemptions for vehicles registered in the Åland Islands.

Traficom's e-Services are not available to companies that are bankrupt, in liquidation, or subject to restructuring proceedings.