Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Apply for a ROC or GOC Endorsement

With this form you may apply for a ROC or GOC Endorsement. We aim to process your application within 28 days.

If your original operator's certificate has been issued in Finland then you may base your application on seagoing service and use of GMDSS radio equipment. The application may also be made on the basis of a Refreshment Course Diploma or a Finnish endorsement examination.

If your original operator's certificate has been issued by another administration, then attach a copy of it to your application. In this case you do not need to show any use of GMDSS equipment nor a Refreshment Course Diploma. All foreign certificates will be verified through the issuing administration before the application can be handled.

IMPORTANT! Please always attach a copy of your passport information page to the application, if you do not have a Finnish personal ID.

Also attach a copy of medical certificate for service at sea in force. We recommend this to be done by using secure email to Traficom.
Please study instructions of sending secure email to Traficom (External link).

Application may be sent by email to the address below or by post to the address mentioned in the application form.


maritimeradiocertificates (at)

Telephone service
Radio licences as well as radio examinations and certificates in maritime sector
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