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Digitizing route and timetable information on regular passenger transport services

The route and timetable editor (RAE tool) is targeted at small operators to help them transfer their route and timetable information on regular passenger transport in a digital, machine-readable form. With the RAE tool, you can store information on the routes, stops, timetables and service days of regular bus and coach services.

Information on the routes and timetables of regular scheduled service must always be provided as an external interface in the NAP service. The interface may be generated directly by your own system or by your partner’s system. You can also store the information using the RAE tool.  The RAE tool creates an external machine-readable interface. You can copy the address of the interface in the NAP service to fulfill your obligations in accordance with the Act on Transport Services.

Apply for access rights to the RAE tool in the following manner:

1. Read the terms and conditions applied to RAE user credentials (External link) (in Finnish)

2. Fill in the application form (External link) (in Finnish) and send it by secure email to nap (at) The application form includes instructions on how to send a secure email.

3. Once your application has been processed, you will receive a username and password by secure email.

4. Log in to the RAE tool at (External link) 
If the page requests you to choose an organisation, select “Kumppani" (partner).