Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

All the transport service providers are obligated to submit essential information on their transport services to the NAP service catalog (National Access Point). The NAP service is a form-based website provided by Traficom and operated by Fintraffic Ltd. The NAP service will ask you to fill in basic information about your company and about the transport services you are providing.

You can add external machine-readable interfaces into the NAP service. The interfaces can be maintained by you or your partner. If you don't have any interfaces of your own, you can digitize all the required information directly in the NAP service or with its supportive tools. You can find the NAP service at (External link).

How to proceed:


Check out the information obligations, terms of service and manuals before signing up to the NAP service

Find out which kind of essential information your business needs to submit to the NAP service by law and if the obligation to provide access to ticket and payment systems applies to your company. For more information, please see the NAP service manuals. Familiarise yourself also with Terms of Service for the NAP service (External link)

For more information on the obligation to provide access to ticket and payment systems, please see the page on Transport service data accessible via open interfaces (External link) (in Finnish).

User guide for the NAP service exists at the moment only in Finnish and Swedish. 
Two quick guides for taxi services are available in English:

Please find all the instructions in Finnish here (External link)


Go to and register to the service

Registration is needed only for those companies who store data in the NAP service. Service developers can browse mobility services from the Transport service catalog page without registration.


Create a new transport operator to the NAP service

After you have registered to the NAP service, please provide first basic information about your company (transport operator). In next phase you can give more detailed information of the transport services you are providing.


Add a new transport service or services to the NAP service

By adding a new transport service you can share all the essential information of your transport service in the NAP service. At first, please, make sure that your partner (e.g. a brokering service) does not already open up all the essential information considering your transport service for you.

A: If the data of your transport service can be found via your or your partner’s machine-readable interfaces, only fill in to the NAP form the information that is mandatory and cannot be accessed via the interfaces.

B: If your transport service information is not found from machine-readable interfaces, leave the External machine-readable interfaces part empty and fill all the other parts in the NAP form. 

Please note! It is mandatory to submit route and timetable information for regular scheduled transport as a machine-readable interface. If necessary, you can digitize your routes with Traficom’s digitization tools, the external RAE route and timetable editor (External link) for bus and coach transport and the sea traffic route and timetable editor included directly in the NAP.


To finish, click Save and publish or Save a draft

After publishing your service, you can find your service information in the section Transport service catalog. You can edit your service later on the page Own transport services by clicking on the name of the service or the pencil icon at the end of the row.


Remember to keep your information updated

Please, remember that as a transport operator you have a responsibility that all your service information in the NAP service is correct and up to date. Traficom sends newsletter in a couple of times in a year via email to registered users with current information about the development of the NAP service and tips for updating the information.