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Front Page: Traficom

Make a complaint: Rights of ship passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility

This page explains how to make a complaint if your rights have been violated when travelling by ship.

How to make a complaint

1: Always contact first the carrier or port

If your rights have not been respected in connection with a ship journey, always contact first the carrier or the port terminal operator. Submit your complaint to the party responsible. 

If your complaint concerns assistance in a port, contact the port terminal operator. If the problem concerns an event on board a ship during the journey, contact the carrier. 

Make you complain within two months of your journey. 

2: Wait for a response

The carrier or port must let you know within one month of receiving your complaint whether your complaint has been substantiated, rejected or is still being considered.

The final reply must be given within two months of receiving the complaint.

3: Choose the correct authority

If you are unsatisfied with the response you get to your complaint, you can contact the authority overseeing passenger rights. Make sure you complain to the right authority.

You must send your complaint to the relevant authority in the country where the incident took place. 

4: Incident took place in Finland

If the incident took place in Finland, you can send your complaint to Traficom.

6: How to submit a complaint to Traficom

You can submit your complaint to Traficom by email or a free-form letter. 

Please attach to the complaint your correspondence with the carrier or terminal operator. Include a copy of your ticket and any other documents you consider relevant.

Send your complaint to .

If your complaint contains personal information, you can send it as a secure message. Instructions for sending secure email to Traficom. (External link)

If you are unable to send the complaint by email, you can send it to Traficom by post: Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, PO Box 320, FI-00059 TRAFICOM, Finland.

7: Traficom may issue a recommendation

Traficom has competence to issue recommendations concerning passenger complaints.