Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Make a notification on postal services

Operators providing postal services that concern items of correspondence must submit a notification to Traficom before commencing their operations. You can use this electronic form to notify any changes in previously submitted information or the discontinuation of your operations. Postal operations are subject to an annual supervisory fee.

Use this form if


You are about to start providing postal services concerning items of correspondence.


The information you have provided to Traficom has changed.

Please notify Traficom of any changes in the following:

  • contact information of the company / association / entrepreneur providing postal services
  • contact person notified to Traficom or related contact information
  • services provided to customers

You discontinue the provision of postal services notified to Traficom.

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What kind of operations do I have to notify to Traficom?

The notification duty applies to postal services concerning items of correspondence.

An item of correspondence means an addressed item weighing no more than two kilograms that has been deposited for transport and contains a message on a physical medium.