Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Rail-transport operators and railway managers shall, in accordance with Rail Transport Act, notify accidents and incidents happened in the rail network in writing to Traficom. The notification shall be made without delay, but not later than five days after the person subject to the notification has received the information about the occurrence.

In accordance with Article 165 of the Rail Transport Act (1302/2018), rail-transport operators and railway managers shall notify accidents and incidents happened in the rail network in writing to Finnish transport and communications Agency Traficom. The rail-transport operator or railway manager shall make the notification within five days’ time after being informed about the occurrence.

An accident is an unwanted or unintended event or a chain of such events, which has harmful consequences. Incidents in this framework means an occurrence, which is not an accident, but which endangers railway safety. If it is being unclear whether the occurrence requires notification, the notification should be made.

It is recommended that you submit the notification using the online form. If this is not possible, the notification can be emailed to According to government decree on railway safety and interoperability (372/2011) section 3 the notification shall contain at least the following information:

  • a brief description of the occurrence
  • the time and place of the occurrence
  • type of the occurrence
  • participants of the occurrence
  • the estimated immediate cause of the occurrence
  • the damage and consequences of the occurrence
  • the contact person of the occurrence

If not all information is available, the available information shall be reported.

The information provided will be used for safety monitoring and risk-based management of Traficom's operations. Reported information will be treated confidentially.

You can access the online service via the link on this page.