Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Order a new driving licence to replace a lost, damaged or stolen licence. You can also order a new driving licence if the police have revised your driving rights, if your personal details have changed, or if you want to replace your old driving licence with a credit card-sized EU licence.

Do the following



Order a new driving licence at Traficom's Self-service portal



Pay for your order (19 e). The order will be sent for processing at Traficom.



The driving licence will arrive at your home address within six working days of placing the order.

Use this service if

  • your driving licence is lost
  • your driving licence is damaged
  • your driving licence has been stolen
  • you wish to replace your old driving licence with an EU licence
  • your personal details have changed
  • The police have revised your driving rights

Requirements for using the service

  • Your latest driving licence is valid and you are not banned from driving. By using this service, you consent to this information being verified against records in other EU and EEA member states
  • For a driving licence, your photograph and signature are available in electronic format in a register kept by the authorities. Your photograph and signature will be available if
    • you hold a valid finnish passport or personal identity card, or
    • you provided them for a driving licence, driver card, professional competence card, ADR licence or a taxi driving licence in 2013 or since then
  • Mainland Finland
    • your address is in mainland Finland
  • You can log into the service using online bank identifiers or mobile recognition

Note. If you are ordering a new driving licence because of a changed personal identity code, do not use the service and instead visit an Ajovarma service point.

Delivery period for the driving licence

  • approximately six working days

Alternative service channels