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Replacing watercraft engines at the registration service point

Are you replacing the engine of your boat? This is how you register the new engine by visiting a registration service point.

Do the following

1: Before visiting the office of service provider, fill in the notification form and bring it with you.

Fill in the notification form (External link). All information marked with an asterisk (*) on this form is mandatory in the registration notification. Some of the data on your watercraft may have been filled in before. In case of an old boat, however, the data may be very deficient. By filling in the notification form in advance you can speed up the processing of your registration at the service point. Remember to sign the form.  

Make sure you enter the engine serial number in the correct format. Different makes have different serial number formats. Having the correct engine serial number is important to make sure that the system can find the information if the engine has already been registered or if the manufacturer has submitted an advance notification. For example, you can bring a photograph of the engine serial number if you are not sure which digits to include. The photograph will speed up the processing of your registration at the registration service point.

2: Check the documents

Check that you have a deed of transfer (External link) identifying the engine as well as the details of the seller and the buyer.  

If you have bought a new engine, check that you have its declaration of conformity. You can usually find the declaration of conformity in between the user’s manual. 

Bring these documents with you when you come to submit the notification.

4: Prove your identity

You will always be asked to prove your identity when you visit a registration service point. You can use a passport, an identity card or a Finnish driving licence to do so. 

If you have all the required documents and information, the registration will be completed there and then. The registration certificate will be mailed to you in about two weeks. However, you may use the new engine in your watercraft already before the registration certificate reaches you. If necessary, the authorities can check the system to see that the watercraft has been registered and that the certificate is being issued. It is, however, a good idea to always keep the bill of sale in the watercraft when using it.

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