Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Retrieve tax debt data

You can use the "Retrieve tax debt data" service to find out if you have unpaid vehicle taxes, vehicle tax additional taxes or reassessments, vehicle taxes following first registration, or fuel fees. If you wish, you can print out or save it the information you receive. Identification is required to use the service.

Use the electronic service to obtain your tax debt data

Follow these steps to retrieve tax debt data via My e-Services

1: Log in to My e-Services

Log in with your personal online banking credentials, mobile certificate or certificate card.

After authentication, choose your user role: personal services or acting on behalf of your company/organisation.

2: Go to the front page of My e-Services

Select “Vehicles and taxation”.

3: Select “Retrieve tax debt data” under “Services”

You can find the services on the right side of the page in the browser version and at the bottom of the page in the mobile version.

You can only retrieve your own tax debt data.

4: Specify the time period from which you want to retrieve the data and confirm your choice

5: The service will provide you with the tax debt data if the search is successful

After this, you can print out or save the tax debt report in PDF format.