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Ship station licence, apply for a radio licence that becomes valid immediately

In this service, you can apply for a radio licence for these radio equipment: Maritime VHF radiotelephone and/or DSC device, Maritime VHF handphone and/or DSC device, MF/HF radiotelephone and/or DSC device, Maritime radar (3 cm or 10 cm), EPRIB beacon, AIS transmitter, SART, AIS-SART, EPIRB-AIS, MOB. The applicant must have a certificate of maritime radiocommunication. If the applicant is a company or an organisation, the radio station operator must have the corresponding competence. The frequency fee for the first period is charged in the service immediately. In the future, an invoice will be sent annually. You can identify yourself either by using your bank identifiers, chip-based identity card or mobile certificate. In order to act on behalf of a company you will also need a e-Authorization. By applying for a licence through the e-service, the user accepts that the radio license is granted by automated decision-making.