Ship station licence, apply for a radio licence that becomes valid immediately

In this service, you can apply for a radio licence for these radio equipment: Maritime VHF radiotelephone and/or DSC device, Maritime VHF handphone and/or DSC device, MF/HF radiotelephone and/or DSC device, Maritime radar (3 cm or 10 cm), EPRIB beacon, AIS transmitter, SART, AIS-SART, EPIRB-AIS, MOB. The applicant must have a certificate of maritime radiocommunication. If the applicant is a company or an organisation, the radio station operator must have the corresponding competence. You can identify yourself either by using your bank identifiers, chip-based identity card or mobile certificate. In order to act on behalf of a company you will also need a e-Authorization. The frequency fee for the first period is charged in the service immediately. In the future, an invoice will be sent annually. The typical annual frequency fee for a ship's radio license is € 19.43 to € 38.86, depending on the types and numbers of radio transmitters (AL). By applying for a licence through the e-service, the user accepts that the radio license is granted by automated decision-making.