Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

If you want to work as taxi driver you need a taxi driving licence, which is issued by Traficom.

Licence requirements:

You can be issued with a taxi driving licence if

  • you have been issued with a category B driving licence in Finland or in another EU/EEA country at least one year before applying for the taxi driving licence
  • you are not subject to a driving ban
  • you meet all group 2 requirements on fitness to drive
  • you have passed the taxi driver examination and
  • you do not have any entries in the criminal records or the register of fines that prevent the issuing of the licence.

The taxi driver examination has 50 multiple choice questions and it lasts a maximum of 45 minutes.  There is only one completely correct answer to each question. For more information about the taxi driver examination, see Traficom's regulation (External link) (in Finnish or Swedish). The approved taxi driver examination is valid until further notice.

Applying for taxi driving licence

Submit the application at an Ajovarma office (External link).  The following documents must be appended to the application:

  • a medical report showing that you meet the taxi driver’s health requirements (health requirements for group 2) that is no more than six months old, or a comprehensive medical report, in which the effects of ageing are considered, if you are aged 68 or over
    • You do not need to provide a medical report if you have during the past five years provided to the police a medical report required on the basis of age from those who hold a right to drive in group 2 or presented a medical report to upgrade your right to drive to group 2, to renew your right to drive in group 2 or to obtain a driving instructor’s licence.


  • photograph, if you do not have a valid passport or personal identity card, or a driving licence, driver card, professional competence card, ADR licence or a taxi driving licence issued by Trafi/Traficom in 2013 or after that.

If you have a driving licence issued in another EU/EEA country and you do not have a Finnish document showing your right to drive, you must present your driving licence when applying for the taxi driving licence.

Validity of the licence

The taxi driving licence is issued by Traficom. If your application is approved, the licence will be sent to you by post within approximately three weeks of the approval.

The taxi driving licence is valid for five years, or (if you are aged 68 or over) for two years. Read more about renewal.

If you no longer meet the taxi driver’s health requirements or you have been found guilty of an offence preventing the issuing of a taxi driving licence during its validity, the police may cancel the licence for a specific period, temporarily or until further notice.

Ajovarma's contact details

Boook an appointment to submit your application: Ajovarma customer service (External link)