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Test plate certificate

A test plate certificate is a certificate issued to a company for the temporary transfer and use of a vehicle which includes test plates.

Test plates may only be used by the holder of the test plate certificate or the holder’s representative (based on an employment relationship or commission). Test plates may only be used by the holder of the certificate for business-related purposes in the following situations:

  • tests related to research and development concerning the vehicle or its equipment
  • short-term test drives or presentation of the vehicle for sales purposes
  • other transfers directly related to the vehicle’s manufacture, sale, outfitting, repair or inspection.

Test plates may be used to drive:

  • unregistered, decommissioned vehicles and
  • registered vehicles banned from traffic due to non-inspection or non-roadworthiness, but only for the purpose of transfers required by repairs or inspection.

You can apply for a test plate certificate by filling in an electronic application or printing out a pdf form (B301)

  • Remember to purchase a test plate insurance policy before submitting the application so that we can process your application. Please contact your insurance company for additional information on test plate insurance policies.
  • Please include a report on the branch of activity of the company and the intended purpose of the test plate certificate if the company’s Finnish Trade Register data does not indicate that the company’s business activities are related to motor vehicles.
  • Include a power of attorney if you do not have the right to sign the document on behalf of the company.

Here is what you need to do:


Sign in to My e-Services and select the menu "Vehicles and taxation".


On the right hand side of the page "Vehicles", click on "Apply for a test plate certificate ".


Fill in and send the electronic application form.

The test plate certificate and plates will be sent to the applicant once the certificate has been issued.

Please read the instructions for test plate certificate holders before using the test plates.

An invoice will be sent to the applicant once the test plate certificate has been issued.