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Test plate certificate

A test plate certificate is a certificate issued to a company for the temporary transfer and use of a vehicle which includes test plates.

Test plates may be used to transport unregistered vehicles, decommissioned vehicles and vehicles that are subject to a driving ban because they have not been inspected or are out of order (in case of transfers for repairs or inspection).

Test plates may only be used by the holder of the test plate certificate or the holder’s representative (a person in an employment relationship or other similar type of relationship). Test plates may only be used by the holder of the certificate for business-related purposes in the following situations:

  • test driving a test vehicle for the purposes of examining the vehicle or its devices, for product development purposes, or for presentational sales purposes
  • other transfers that are directly related to the manufacturing, sale, equipping, repair or inspection of the vehicle.

Private individuals may use test plates without the presence of the plate holder under the following conditions:

  • they are test driving a vehicle to determine whether they would like to purchase it
  • the car tax has been paid and
  • the user has the original test plate certificate and a temporary licence provided by the car dealership (valid for 3 days).