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Medical examination of seafarers

To be able to serve at sea, crew members must meet the medical fitness standards of their duties on board.

Crew members’ medical fitness to serve at sea is ensured with a medical certificate issued by a medical examiner of seafarers. As a rule, the medical certificate is valid for two years from its date of issue. In exceptional cases, the certificate’s period of validity may be restricted, for instance, because of an illness. Medical certificates issued to seafarers under 18 years of age are valid for one year. Medical certificates on colour vision are valid for six years.

When first entering the industry, crew members must undergo a ‘pre-sea examination’. For international voyages, the pre-sea examination must take place at a health centre for seafarers. For domestic voyages, the pre-sea examination can be performed by a medical examiner of seafarers. Periodic examinations for domestic and international voyages are performed by medical examiners of seafarers.

Anyone working on a Finnish vessel must have a certificate from an approved medical examiner on their medical fitness to serve at sea.

Medical certificates are issued by medical examiners of seafarers, and they are submitted to the shipowner or shipping company. When applying for a certificate of competency, the application submitted to Traficom must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

Instructions for making a claim for a revised decision

If you are unhappy with the fitness assessment made by a medical examiner of seafarers, you can submit a claim for a revised decision to Traficom. If you are unhappy with the decision taken by Traficom following your claim, you can make an appeal to an administrative court.

Contact information of medical examiners of seafarers