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Customer prices for registration

Customer prices for registration are determined in a Decree of the Ministry of Transport and Communications on fees charged by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. The fees are collected from customers by the registration offices in accordance with the table annexed to the Decree.

Value added tax is not included in the price.

Customer prices for registration

Electronic registration services

  • First registration, change of owner and/or holder EUR 2.80
  • Print of registration certificate (notification part and technical part) EUR 2.80
  • Print of a technical part of registration certificate EUR 0.00
  • Decommissioning EUR 5.40
  • Commissioning EUR 0.00

Registration services, personal service

  • Registration notification without appendix EUR 7.90
    - change of owner, change of holder or other notification than decommissioning or commissioning
  • Registration notification with appendix EUR 17.00
  • Registration of intermediate owner EUR 37.00
    - change of owner when transfer notifications have not been made for all intermediate owners
  • Decommissioning EUR 17.00
  • Commissioning EUR 0.00
  • Other decision on registration EUR 17.00
    - notification of transfer of a vehicle to an unknown person
  • Print of registration certificate (notification part and technical part) EUR 7.90
  • Print of a technical part of registration certificate EUR 0.00
  • Registration certificate printed for correction of technical data EUR 7.90
  • Copy of technical part EUR 7.90
  • Change or print of test plate certificate EUR 7.90

Registration plates

  • Registration plate for pre-registered vehicle EUR 4.90 each
  • Vehicle registration plate EUR 4.90 each
  • Other registration plate EUR 6.90 each
    - special-, export-, test-, customs- or diplomat plate
    - registration plate to replace a lost or damaged one
    - a plate manufactured individually for other reasons
  • Exemption from the number of registration plates used (permit for an additional registration plate) EUR 24.00

Special registration services

  • Pre-registration or reprint of pre-registration certificate EUR 10.50
  • Transfer permit EUR 13.70
  • Export registration EUR 47.00
  • Registration of diplomatic vehicles EUR 7.90
  • Special registration plate decision EUR 790.00
  • Test plate certificate EUR 210.00

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