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Front Page: Traficom

What is e-invoicing?

An e-invoice is an electronic invoice you receive via your online bank. All information is already included in the invoice, so all you need to do is check and accept the invoice. You can start using the e-invoice by making an e-invoicing agreement in your online bank. 

To start using the e-invoice, you need your vehicle taxation customer ID. You can find the customer ID on your vehicle tax demand note or check it in Traficom’s e-Services. You can also obtain the customer ID by calling Traficom’s Vehicle Tax Service.

When ordering an e-invoice, please note that all vehicle tax bills for all the vehicles of the taxpayer to whom the tax bill is addressed will be sent to your online bank in e-invoice form. Please make sure that you do not accidentally order the vehicle tax bills of the wrong person by carefully checking that the taxpayer’s details are correct. The taxpayer’s name and customer ID are found on the tax bill. The e-invoicing agreement enters into force starting with the next vehicle tax bill following the date on which the agreement is made.

If you are paying the vehicle tax via e-invoice, you can pay the tax in instalments by selecting the correct instalment sum from the e-invoice.

You can find further information on e-invoicing in your online bank: