Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Maritime accident and incident reports

Whenever a maritime accident or incident occurs a report (also called a maritime safety report) must be filed to Traficom. The report should contain a detailed account of the accident/incident and any details that could be of help in determining its causes.

How to fill in the report

The form must be filled in, irrespective of type of accident/incident.

Make sure that you have given the information listed below either on the form or in attachments such as an excerpt from the ship's log.

  • A detailed description of the accident/incident and any factors that might have influenced the course of events. 
  • Information on injuries as well as damage to third parties and infrastructure, if any (other ships, quay constructions, aids to navigation, etc.)
  • The exact time and date of the accident/incident
  • Exact coordinates (latitude, longitude)
  • Weather conditions, also when not of direct relevance to the accident/incident.

How to submit the report to Traficom

The report should be sent to Traficom as soon as possible after the accident/incident.

Send the report

  • electronically by pressing the button Send after completing the form
  • by e-mail to the address Use this alternative if you have sent the report electronically but have not received any confirmation from Traficom that the report has been received.
  • by mail to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency.

Report to Traficom's duty officer

In addition, all maritime accidents should always be reported to Traficom's inspector on duty, number +358 (0)29 5347500