Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Domain name holder's rights

As a domain name holder, or data subject, you have the right:

  • to know who uses your personal data

Registrars and Traficom process the personal data of a domain name holder. Registrars can use subcontractors (resellers) in the provision of domain name services and registrars take full responsibility of their actions.

  • to know the purpose for using your personal data

The personal data of a domain name holder is used for registering and managing domain names, and for resolving disputes related to fi-domain names. Registrars register and manage domain names. Traficom administers the domain name register for the .fi domain and resolves disputes on fi-domain names at the request of right holders.

Data from the fi-domain name register is published in the domain name search tool and the so-called WHOIS service, as well as via the OData interface. If a domain name is registered to a private person, the only published information is the domain name status. No information on domain names registered to private persons is disclosed via the OData interface.

  • to review and correct your personal data

As a domain name holder, you have the right to know whether Traficom processes your personal data and to access this data. You may request access to your personal data using the electronic form.

You have the right to request Traficom to correct any inaccurate personal data and complete any incomplete data. If you want to correct or complete your data, use the rectification form. 

More information on the processing of personal data at Traficom.