Fi-domain name holder’s intent of obtaining benefit or harming another

Traficom can remove an fi-domain name from the domain name register if it has been registered with the clear intent of obtaining benefit or harming another. This intent is assessed when an owner of a protected name or trademark requests the removal of a domain name that is similar to the holder's name or trademark.

A domain name is regarded as having been registered with the intention of obtaining benefit if the domain name holder tries to obtain benefit from the reputation of your protected name or trademark. If someone registers a domain name that is likely to harm your business activities, for instance, this is considered as intention to harm. The motive behind the intention to harm may be to prevent the owner of a protected name or trademark from having the domain name.

If the name on which the domain name or claim is based is exceptionally well known or it has significant business value, or if the parties involved are competitors on the same market, these can be taken into consideration when assessing the purpose for registering the domain name. Removing a domain name requires strong evidence that the other party's rights have been violated. The claiming party must always provide reasons for the holder’s clear intent to obtain benefit or cause damage.

Removal claims are always decided on a case-by-case basis.