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Name server test

The name server test tools provided by Traficom allow you to check the functionality of the name services of a domain name.

The name server test helps you to check

  • whether the fi-domain name is configured to name servers in accordance with Traficom's requirements
  • whether the name services of the fi-domain name are functioning properly
  • whether a DNS security extension is enabled for the domain name. 

If you have received an email from Traficom about name servers that are not functioning, the name server test provides you with more information about the problem. 

You can also check the functionality of the name servers before registering a domain name. If you are about to change a name server, you can check whether the new name servers comply with Traficom’s requirements.

Test name servers

Enter one of the following options in the search bars below:

  • domain name (including .fi)
  • domain name (including .fi) and name servers to be tested.