Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Transport matters in e-services

  • The My e-Services portal, which requires identification, includes vehicle information, registration and tax services as well as services concerning driving licences. 
  • Public services, which do not require identification Some of the services can be used online, while others require you to print out the documents and send them by post.
  • In addition to the e-services channel, you can visit the service points of Traficom's service provider or manage your issues by post, depending on the service you are using.

Specific instructions for each service are available on our website under 'Services' .

Logging in to the portal

My e-Services for transport matters is a service channel for individual persons or persons acting on behalf of a company. The service requires identification.  Traficom is responsible for ensuring that the digital service is compatible with the most common web browsers and utility software but not for the functioning of the service if the user uses custom software solutions, for example. The service user is responsible for the searches he or she performs in the service and for the accuracy of the information submitted via the service.

Private customers

Private customers log in and verify their identity using the Finnish government's shared identification service. Traficom allows identification through bank identifiers, a mobile certificate or a certificate card.


Organisation customers can log in using identification service. (External link) Each organisation must authorise its assignees with Traficom via the e-Authorizations service. (External link)

More information about e-Authorizations.

Electronic transport services and e-Authorizations


Some services are subject to a fee which is charged when the transaction or order is completed. You can pay buy using your Finnish online banking username and password or a credit card (Visa debit and credit, Visa Electron, Mastercard debit and credit, Maestro and American Express). 

The organisation may also select electronic invoicing as a method of payment in some services. You may start using e-invoices after the organisation's main user adds an e-invoicing address for the organisation in the section "Organisation's details".

Supporting documents

Some online services require supporting documents to be sent as an attachment. To attach documents, you can either scan them or take a photograph of them, for example with your smartphone.

Service-specific instructions

Specific instructions for each service are available on our website under 'Services' .The descriptions can also be found within My e-Services, under Instructions. More detailed instructions can be found after logging in.

Obstacles to using e-services

There are reasons why e-services may be unavailable. One is that the status of a service has been set as "passive" for a user within My e-Services. This may, for example, be because the user's vehicle is recorded as having an alteration prohibition in the register.

Data protection

Data in the portal is transferred over a secured connection (SSL). A security audit has been performed on the portal.

If you notice any faults or inconsistencies in our services, please let us know so that we can correct them as soon as possible. We are also happy to receive suggestions for improvements. In these matters, please contact customer services.

Technical compatibility

Browser and operating system compatibility

Our e-Services are designed for use with the major browsers, and their functionality in these browsers has been tested: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Trafi's registration services requiring authentication can only be accessed through browsers that support SSL.

Mobile functionality has been tested on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

The use of e-services requires cookies to be enabled and JavaScript to be in use in the browser. We use cookies in order to monitor from what sites the portal is accessed and what support sites are used in conjunction with the portal. We never use cookies to collect personal data.

Should any technical issues arise concerning functionality, we recommend trying a different device or browser. Please also send feedback to our customer services. We use feedback to improve the technical functionality and usability of our services.


Opening files in pdf format requires Adobe Reader software, which can be downloaded free from


The website is designed to work responsively, and it has been tested in three device display sizes. If the site does not work optimally on your device or browser, we recommend trying a different device or browser.

Links and navigation

Any links to sites external to the portal open as new pages. Having used the page, please close it from the top right-hand corner. Do not use the browser's back/forward buttons within the portal; instead, use the buttons and links provided in the portal.

Exiting the portal and clearing the cache

To exit the portal securely use the Log out function. If you used a shared device to access the portal, we recommend clearing the browser's cache after use.

Technical performance

Check the technical performance of your devices, software and telecommunications connections especially if you encounter problems while using the service. Also make sure that your means of authentication or payment do not fall into the hands of third parties. As the service provider, we are responsible for ensuring that the security and encryption measures used in the data transfer and processing related to the service are appropriate and protect confidential messages as required by relevant legislation.

We maintain the service so that it is accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the week, excluding unexpected technical disruptions or other service interruptions. We may also temporarily suspend access to the service during essential changes and repairs or due to general telecommunications outages that we have no control over. Any service interruptions known in advance are announced on our website and on the front page of the user’s My e-Services.

Personal data processing

Read the privacy statement for transport matters in My e-Services.