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Privacy Statements


According to section 3 of the Aviation Act, Traficom acts as Finland’s competent national aviation authority and is responsible for issuing permits and approvals for tasks that require compliance with the requirements related to background checks.

Traficom maintains the Transport Register in order to issue and monitor transport licences and other authorisations; improve traffic safety; identify vehicles and manage vehicle taxes and mortgages; reduce environmental damage; develop mobility services and promote their use; enable research, development and innovation activities; develop services related to the management of personal data; provide public services in the field of transport; and meet its international obligations. Traficom makes use of the Register in the context of carrying out its statutory duties.

Personal data is processed in order to organise and manage radio amateur examinations. The Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL), which serves as the examiner and processor of personal data, is an approved external examiner.

Personal data is processed for the purpose of carrying out the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency’s administrative tasks as mandated by the Act on Electronic Communications Services (2014/917). This register is used for the following tasks: granting and maintenance of radio licences, maintenance of radio communication proficiency examination information and granting of proficiency certificates, granting and maintenance of telecommunications and programming licences, ensuring efficient and interference-free use of radio frequencies and invoicing administrative fees related to radio communications.

Henkilötietoja käytetään sähköisen viestinnän palveluista annetun lain (917/2014) määräämien Liikenne- ja viestintäviraston hallintotehtävien hoitamiseen. Tämän rekisterin käyttö koskee seuraavia toimia: markkinatietojen keruu ja tiedonkeruu viestintäpalveluiden toimivuushäiriöistä ja tietoturvahäiriöistä.

Traficom maintains a register of nominated surveyors, ship measurers and MARPOL surveyors in order to meet its statutory obligations regarding ship surveys, inspections and measurements and the storage of related documentation, as well as to meet the international obligations by which Finland is bound and to carry out other tasks falling within its competence.

Traficom maintains an up-to-date list of authorised road safety auditors, including data on the validity of the authorisations.

Traficom collects the data for the purposes of investigating disturbances (including those related to noise, land use, and possible damage), identifying instances of aviation activity requiring the competent authority to take action, and otherwise fulfilling its statutory duty to oversee aviation activity.

.fi is the country-code top-level domain for Finland and it is administered by Traficom National legislation regulates the registration and use of fi-domain names.

Personal data collected by Traficom in the Agreement data management register is used for communication with partners.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom) processes personal data in connection with matters concerning passengers’ rights in the EU to comply with its legal obligations. is a service for measuring the speed and quality of internet connections that can be used via a browser and on devices running on Android and iOS operating systems. The aim of the service is to provide all internet users with a clear, informative and easy-to-use tool for measuring the speed and quality of their internet connections. As a secondary aim, the use of the service provides Traficom with information about the quality of internet connections for the purpose of carrying out the agency’s statutory duties. The service does not require registration. The data processed on the service can include personal data as defined in Article 4 of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, such as the IP addresses of the devices of natural persons or potentially the location data of the user’s device. The aforementioned personal data undergoing processing are data received from the devices of users who carry out measurements using the service. 

In addition to this, the quality survey feature of the service involves processing address data that the user can opt to provide, but this data is not stored on the service.

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Traficom and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency have acquired consulting work together with the objective of creating a proposal of how C-ITS services should be implemented in Finland and what the roles of the authorities, in particular, in the 
implementation of the services and the required infrastructure as well as in monitoring C-ITS services and C-ITS units should be. As part of the work, a consultant will be interviewing the clients’ experts and external experts.

Traficom uses the personal data in the stakeholder register to carry out its tasks related to accessibility laid down in the Act on Electronic Communications Services (917/2014). The personal data is used for communication between Traficom and the stakeholders, sharing up-to-date information as well as sending the newsletter.

The 5G Momentum ecosystem is an open forum for information exchange, and personal data is processed in the context of the network for the purpose of sharing information about 5G and news about other new technologies related to it. Personal data is processed in connection with the sending of the 5G Momentum newsletter, invitations to group events, surveys on topical matters or information on topical matters related to 5G to members of the network. 

Traficom’s service area Digital Connections processes the personal data of representatives of stakeholders included in the stakeholder register insofar as these persons are members of one of Traficom’s stakeholders. The personal data is processed for the purpose of managing relations with stakeholder representatives and engaging in cooperation related to Traficom’s statutory duties.

Customers can contact the Agency's service provider via customer contact forms for matters concerning driving licences and road transport personal licences to enquire about driving examinations, driving licences, personal licences for road transport and professional qualifications.

Traficom’s National Coordination Centre processes the personal data of representatives of stakeholders included on the membership list insofar as these persons are members of one of Traficom’s stakeholders. The purpose of the processing of personal data is maintaining contact and engaging in cooperation with different stakeholder representatives.

Real-world representative information in accordance with the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/392 is collected regarding passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in connection with their roadworthiness testing. The vehicle identification numbers and registration numbers are the personal data collected in this context.

Tietojen käsittelyn tarkoituksena on televerkon numeroiden ja tunnusten myöntäminen ja ylläpito sekä numeroista ja tunnuksista laskuttaminen.

Tietosuojaseloste koskien selvitystä esteettömyysdirektiivin soveltamisalaan kuuluvista toimijoista

Privacy statements of Traficom's mobile applications

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